“How my Abuja girlfriend and her mother made me sleep with them” – 25yrs old man cries out

A 25-year-old man lamented the experience of a three-way intimacy between him, his girlfriend, and her mother, which he never consciously agreed to.

The medical professional said his daughter lived in Abuja while he worked in Lagos, so he decided to visit her when the General Health Industry Federation (JOHESU) went on strike.

Sharing his experience on the anonymous messaging platform NGL, he said that whenever he visits Abuja, he is with his girlfriend and her mother, which is what he did this time.

But a strange thing happened at night when he woke up after feeling a hand touching him, only to see his daughter and her mother, who is in her 40s.

He said he was scared at first, but his girl asked him to calm down that the three of them going to bed together was her idea.

The man revealed that he considered marrying her, but changed his mind after the incident.

He wrote;

“I am 25 years old and my girlfriend is in Abuja while I am in Lagos. JOHESU was on strike so I took the opportunity to go see my girlfriend last week. I used to be with her and her mother so this time I did.

I was sleeping in the night with her when I noticed a hand on my little friend.

I opened my eyes and saw my girl and her mother sxxkin me. I was scared at first but she told me not to worry because it was her idea for her and her mom to do it for me.

Even though she is in her 40s, I still find it strange because I thought she would be my wife but now she is not. Abuja people are crazy”

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