“How ‘men of God’ once made me wish for my mother to die” – Actress, Chacha Eke Lament

Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke Faani, revealed that she once wished her mother were dead after “the men of God” told her that her mother was pursuing her life.

Chacha shared this revelation in a post on her Instagram page on Wednesday, June 7.

In the post, she recalled that when she was a child, she loved her mother very intensely, considering her as a close friend. However, as she grew up, her emotions turned dark, leading to a deep hatred for her mother.

Chacha said she experienced nightmares and hallucinations that seemed to reinforce her false beliefs.

Unfortunately, during periods of mental instability, she encountered a number of so-called men of God who reinforced her distorted perception of her mother.

They convince her that her mother jeopardizes her health, and as a result she finds herself harboring bad wishes towards her.

Sharing an adorable video of herself and her mother, she expressed gratitude for overcoming the negative thoughts and feelings during that time.

“I loved her fiercely when I was young. She was, and still is, my best friend. However, as I got older, I started to dislike her and developed a deep hatred for her. I experienced nightmares and hallucinations that supported my false euphoria.

“Unfortunately, many ‘men of God’ told me during some manic episode that she was conspiring against my life. Therefore, I find myself wanting to let her die and say despicable things about her.

“Looking back on my mental health challenges and journey now, it’s funny to realize that those disordered thought patterns and beliefs are a disorder; a chemical reaction in the brain waves that turns your ‘most favorite’ into ‘least favorite’.

“Dear reader, many people have been emotionally separated from their loved ones due to underlying mental illnesses. They create all kinds of negative stories to justify their false claims. Fortunately, there are pills for strange, inexplicable sensations. Do you know?

“Today is my mother’s birthday, and I am grateful for realizing that it was all an illness in my head while she was still alive. I love you deeply, mother. You are a lucky woman with nine grandchildren and still counting. “ She writes.

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