“How I lost my job, wife, sight in six months following accident” — Man narrates tear-jerking story

A heartbroken man shares a moving story of his life-changing experience after a horrific accident in 2018 caused his wife to abandon him.

According to the businessman identified as Cosmas Otwori Julius, his life took a major turn, leaving him feeling lost and unsupported as he wandered in the dark.

In an interview with Kenyan media outlet TUKO, Julius recounted that the accident happened after he finished meeting with a client in the afternoon.

“There was confusion between an oncoming car and another car driving down the main road from a gas station. All I remember is waking up in the hospital in pain. My leg was broken and it felt as heavy as a log. Three discs had problems and my neck was misaligned,” he declared.

While he was hospitalized, his beloved wife disappeared without a trace and wiped out his house, leaving him alone to bear both debt and deep sadness.

Speaking of his wife abandoning him and moving out on their own with their children, Cosmas said;

“I tried to call her, but she refused to take my calls. I called my husband’s parents, they called me their son, but they never picked up. Only my parents picked me up and encouraged me. Before losing my wife and children, the company terminated the contract with me. I believe that caused my wife to leave me.” he say.

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Otwori said his wife only contacted him when their daughter was sick and needed his credit card for medical treatment.

“She didn’t even ask what I was doing or how I was. She said the girl was sick and needed medical attention.” Otwori emphasized.

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