Hilda Baci breaks silence amidst Chef Dammy’s attempt to break her record

Celebrity chef, Hilda Baci talks to a fellow professional chef, Chef Dammy in her attempt to break the 100-hour Guinness World Record.

It can be recalled that Hilda has surpassed the old record holder, Lata Tandon’s achievement a few weeks ago although she has yet to be officially announced.

Inspired by chef Akwa Ibom, Dammy also began her journey to becoming the current record holder as she vowed to hit the 120-hour mark.

In the midst of the controversy that followed Chef Ekiti’s efforts, Hilda Baci has since lifted her burden while applauding her steadfast spirit.

In a tweet, she wrote;

“The beauty of dreams is that they are unique to each individual. Dami, the fact that you boldly took on the cooking challenge shows that your passion knows no bounds. Embrace the journey, learn from every experience, and inspire others with your steadfast spirit. #DreamsUnleashed,” she writes.

Reaction after Hilda Baci’s note to Chef Dammy

chichibabyyyyy_ penned: “Me, I don’t wish her well. She will fail ”

OyiboChijioke said: “Chef Dammy is practicing MAGIC, not cooking. Stop advertising MAGIC. She and her gang will not succeed.”

LupinIkenga said: “Forget all this long talk, I fervently pray for her failure. Yes, I’m a proud hater, I say it with my full breasts

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No_F4se wrote: “Even though you cut my dog ​​Bingo, I still forgive you, I don’t care if this post is influenced or advised by others, action is precious.”

ambysmedia wrote: “No, I will say something we don’t want to hear.”

Great_Tony1 said: “I’m very, very sure that dami voted for Apc. You can’t tell me otherwise

joshbbanks notes: “Wow! Hilda Baci is too mature and brilliant. I love this Hilda. For those of you who have been raving here since yesterday, now you will understand while Hilda is even in love with Dammy.

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