“Ground dey swallow” – Friends mourn pretty Nigerian lady who lost her life Leaving behind two beautiful children (Photos below)

The people of Nigeria are mourning a beautiful Nigerian woman who unfortunately passed away at the cold hands of death.

The beautiful woman is said to have left behind her two children and loved ones, who are currently mourning her grieving death.

The woman’s sudden passing left those who knew her deeply saddened as they described her as an easygoing and lovely woman.

The photos of the deceased woman were posted on TikTok by @sophy_cindy and she captioned it;

“It’s hard to believe when you’re gone, to whom did you leave your child?”

Friends and family took to social media to express their sympathy and share memories of the woman they knew and loved.

@user4685570631258 said: “It’s the cycle of life, we all have to face it one day, knowing Jesus is here before meeting him there. Tear chiamaka.

@CHEESOM reacted: “Premature death is not part of me and my family Nd loved ones Amen.”

@Lulu said: “My family and I are not going to die anytime soon, beautiful Rip.”

@Pretty~K8tie $ said: “Admiring her beauty, I noticed RIP. Rest in peace on Chi.

@michaelmil94 commented: “Oh, this land doesn’t chop everything and will keep cutting, Rip nne.”

@Jovial Smarty commented: “Hmmm what is really going on with our youth, God knows best, may her soul rest in peace.”

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@estherjones462 said: “Sudden death is not part of me, my family and loved ones amen.”

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