Fight breaks out in family after man won N152 million lottery (Video below)

An African American man won a lottery worth $20,000 (N152,000,000) and informed his family of his win but they refused to celebrate with him.

The matter sparked a serious argument in their home as they split over the matter, with some saying he didn’t deserve the money, while others said he wouldn’t. share that money with them.

The man’s grandmother doesn’t believe he actually won $20,000 when she calls the money an investment in him.

This is the second time he has won that amount, and his family is not happy because he clearly did not split the first amount with them.

A video trending on social media shows the moment the boy confronts his grandmother about her views on the issue, while other family members fight over their claims.

He wonders why she’s mad at him for winning the lottery and says he can’t wait to go home with that cash.

“So you’re angry because I won $20,000 a second time, I can’t wait to come back with $20k,” he asks.

His grandmother replied; “You don’t win, they know you have that money, they invested it.”

Someone in the back scolded him for telling their grandmother but he tried to defend himself by pointing out how she talked to him.

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