Exploring Sssniperwolf Boyfriend: Her Cheating Scandal

In this article, we will dive into the rumors surrounding the alleged cheating scandal involving Sssniperwolf’s boyfriend, Evan Sausage. Join us as we uncover the truth about this famous YouTube couple.

Sssniperwolf: YouTubers, Gamers and Influencers

Alia Shelesh
Alia Shelesh

Alia Shelesh, widely known as SSSniperwolf or Lia Wolf, is a British-American YouTuber, gamer and social media influencer. Her channel covers a wide variety of content, including games, DIYs, vlogs, online commentary, and reaction videos.

While she is recognized for her Call of Duty (CoD) gameplay, she has also ventured into anime and cosplay, among other interests. Her talent has earned her many accolades, including the Children’s Choice Award for Favorite Gamer of 2019, beating out other notable contenders such as Jacksepticeye, Ninja and Markiplier.

In addition to her YouTube presence, Alia has appeared on TV shows such as Ultimate Expedition, Clickbait, and The Fear Factor. Additionally, she sells merchandise exclusively through her brand, the OG Wolf Pack.

On/off relationship with Evan . sausage

A Thumbnail from “WE HAVE PROVIDED”
A Thumbnail from “WE HAVE PROVIDED”

There has been much speculation about Evan Sausage being accused of adultery during his relationship with Sssniperwolf. However, neither of the online characters confirmed these rumors.

SSSniperwolf and Evan Sausage have had a turbulent relationship from time to time, which often leaves fans confused. In a video titled “How I Met My Boyfriend” posted in 2015, Sssniperwolf shared the story of their first meeting.

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Their relationship started when Sausage messaged Sssniperwolf on YouTube with a humorous tout. Impressed with his approach, the two began chatting via YouTube and eventually developed a romantic relationship.

Their journey has not been without challenges. When they first met face to face, Sausage is said to have run away from Sssniperwolf at the airport due to anxiety, as she was his first girlfriend.

Over time, their relationship faced many ups and downs. SSSniperWolf’s struggles with anger issues have particularly affected their dynamics, especially in the early stages. They even broke up in 2016, as depicted in a video titled “WE HAVE BEEN BIRDED” posted on May 24. However, their breakup was short-lived and they made up as shown in another video titled “WE’RE BACK TOGETHER” documenting their sweet reunion at the airport on June 9.

The couple have also run into legal issues together. In a video titled “REQUIRED”, Sssniperwolf revealed that she and Evan Sausage had a heated argument after he changed his phone’s wallpaper to a picture of another girl. The melee escalated to the point where both individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct. In addition, Sssniperwolf shared in another video that they were arrested in 2013 for armed robbery.

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Despite the challenges, the couple also made important commitments, such as buying a house together and expressing their intention to marry in the future. However, uncertainties and issues need to be resolved and clarified.

Discover the background of Sssniperwolf

Sssniperwolf in one of her YouTube videos
Sssniperwolf in one of her YouTube videos

Alia Shelesh was born on October 22, 1992 in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom. At the age of 6, her family moved to the United States, where she developed a passion for video games. Playing the game with her brothers, Paul and Bakir Shelesh, became a bonding experience in the family.

Alia’s journey into the game world begins when their father buys a PlayStation to distract the two brothers from their frequent fights. This rekindled her love for video games, which eventually led her to turn her passion into a successful career with the launch of her YouTube channel, Sssniperwolf, on January 20, 2013. This channel has attracted more than 33 million subscribers and 21 billion views.

About her family, Alia’s mother is of Turkish descent, her father is of Greek descent and she holds both American and British citizenship. Her older sister, Ranya Shelesh, has also made strides online.

During the Q&A session, Sssniperwolf expressed his dream of collaborating, revealing his desire to work with Keanu Reeves, a famous actor, rather than someone in the gaming industry.

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While there are rumors of Evan Sausage having an affair, it is important to note that neither Sssniperwolf nor Evan has confirmed these claims. As fans await further updates, the dynamics of their relationship continue to attract attention and curiosity.


In this article, we explored the rumors surrounding Sssniperwolf’s boyfriend, Evan Sausage, and the alleged cheating scandal. Despite the ups and downs they have faced, the couple’s current status has yet to be confirmed. Sssniperwolf’s journey as a successful YouTuber, gamer and influencer, along with her personal experiences, continues to attract her huge fan base. Over time, the truth behind the speculation surrounding their relationship may become clearer.

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