Exclusive: “Chef Dammy Did Not Apply Before Attempting to Break Cooking Record”

Guinness World Records says it has received no applications related to the recently concluded cooking competition in Oye-Ekiti.

A brave woman, Chef Dammy began cooking in Oye-Ekiti on Friday, June 9, organizers said she would cook for 120 hours.

Several Nigerians have asked if Chef Dammy is following the correct procedure or if she really wants to break the world record.

Social media went viral after news of her cooking competition went public and Nigerians started reacting to her efforts.

While many criticized her for trying to imitate Hilda Baci, others rallied in great support for her. But confusion arose when people continued to criticize Dammy, saying that she wanted to shine like Hilda Baci. One businessman even offered to give Dammy N1 million to stop cooking.

Some Nigerians online accused her of turning off the gas to pick beans while others claimed she should go home and rest, but she continued to cook until 120 hours was reached.

The feedback received from the body suggests that Dammy may not be aiming to break any records in the first place. She may just cook for the sake of passion or to show off her skills which many people have attested to.

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Edujandon.com wanted to know if the body knew about the cooking contest to clarify for members of the public who were curious about Dammy’s efforts.

Body says:

“We have not received an application for this effort. Applications can be made through the Guinness World Records website for review by our records management team.

Some Nigerians also raised eyebrows about whether Dammy followed the cooking rules. Regarding this, the agency said that anyone who tries to break the record receives the rules from the agency once the application is accepted.

Body wrote:

“Once an application is accepted, the person requesting the record will receive a detailed set of instructions specific to that type of record to follow.”

“This also details the list of evidence that must be sent to our team to verify the record. Guinness World Records maintains a rigorous review process to maintain the integrity of each Guinness World Record title.”

While some say Dammy must wait a year before attempting to break Hilda’s record, GWR says there is no waiting period before one can attempt to break an existing record.

The body says specifically:

“There’s no waiting time to try to break an existing record.”

In a tweet on its official account on June 7 just before the cooking competition started, the organizer, The Spirit Word Mission said: “Spirit Word will set a world record on Friday, the day May 9, 2023. Save the date tweeps. We’re coming!” Also in a video posted on Twitter by Spirit Word Mission, Dammy can be seen excitedly talking about Guinness world records.

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Edujandon.com sent a WhatsApp question regarding this story to Chef Dammy’s cooking competition’s published number, but received no response. e

dujandon.com also interacted with Chuwuebuka Ezugha, founder/president of Chukwuebuka Freestyle Academy and Entertainment and who has applied 16 times for talented soccer players under his training. He confirmed what the Guinness World Records said about the app before attempting to break the record.

I said:

“Each process takes up to 12 weeks and can be up to five business days if you select and pay for the “Preferred Application”. I submitted all 16 applications myself. Failure to receive and follow GWR’s effort guidelines will result in the application not being approved.”

While it is now clear that the organizers of the cooking competition may not be aiming to break any records, the event was not a disaster. Many Nigerians could argue that it was, in fact, a resounding success as one of them even offered to give Dammy N500,000 and a cooking tour in the United States.

In addition to the Nigerian support on social media, many celebrities including Hilda Baci have posted encouraging tweets to her. She became famous for her efforts and bravery.

Her cooking competition has also inspired other Nigerians to channel their energies towards the positive. A young man, Adebiyi Isreal, said he applied for the Guinness World Records to break the record for the longest movie marathon. Approved applications.

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