Edo govt reduces school days to three

As part of measures to lessen the effects of the petrol subsidy elimination, the Edo State Government has reduced the number of operating days at public middle and high schools in the state from five to five. 3 days left starting June 13.

The Chairman of the Edo State General Basic Education Commission (SUBEB), Ozavize Salami, revealed this to journalists in Benin after a meeting between the head of the service agency and other government officials about the government marketing within three business days.

“Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have been chosen as school days for our children while school will be closed on Thursdays and Fridays. Our plan at this stage is focused on maximizing online learning, ensuring children learn the curriculum they are supposed to learn. They will stay six weeks before the holiday. For administrative reasons, we have selected the first three days of the week students will go to school.

We increased school hours for elementary schools across the State by one hour and middle schools by two hours to achieve the school curriculum and integrate the Thursday and Friday timetables into Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Also speaking, Director of State Services, Anthony Okungbowa, said reducing the number of days worked in the office would not affect service productivity and efficiency. He tasked the heads of agencies, MDAs, permanent secretaries of various ministries to develop work patterns and ensure that what they do works for them and ensure services. government without interruption.”

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He said the government will provide shuttle buses that run between government offices, the state secretary’s office and other places to help reduce stress for workers in the state. He added that the government has identified eight routes in the city where buses will be provided to alleviate the increase in transport fares for residents.

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