“Don’t compete with your friends, the hustle is against poverty not friendship” – Alex Ekubo says

Renowned actor, model and filmmaker, Alex Ekubo has used his official social media to share the fun things in life as he inspires fans.

The actor who was spotted hugging and kissing his friend excitedly after getting out of his luxury car said that when praying for success, one should also pray for his friends, adding that he There’s a reason to say this.

He went on to say that people should go out to eat with their friends and not compete with them for the hustle against poverty, not friendship.

He asserts that the word “We are coming” in terms of friendship is more powerful than “I am coming”.

This post sparked an online reaction as fans and celebrities agreed with his statement.

His friend IK Ogbonna joked that Alex did not pray for him but always insulted him, asking him why.

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