Donald Trump notified that he is a target of a criminal investigation regarding his handling of classified materials

Donald Trump is said to have been informed that he was the target of a criminal investigation into his handling of classified documents.

According to Politico, the Justice Department told Trump’s lawyers about the latest developments in a letter a few days ago.

Although Trump himself wrote on Truth Social that he was not informed that he was being prosecuted, he did not mention whether he was informed that he was a target.

Two sources told Fox News that attorneys have been notified of his change of status.

The official announcement is seen as a sign that Jack Smith, the special counsel appointed to investigate Trump’s handling of classified documents, is about to make a decision on whether to bring charges against him. he or not.

Justice Department guidance states that prosecutors can send ‘targeted letters’ to potentially charged people in connection with grand jury investigations.

The move is designed to give them a chance to testify, before the indictment is even filed. It is not a guarantee that fees will be paid.

Prosecutors considered the target to be a person who had ‘substantial evidence linking that person to the commission of the crime and who was, in the prosecutor’s judgment, a presumptive defendant.’

Trump denied that he had been told he was being prosecuted, but said he had assumed he would be a target for years.

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He wrote on Truth Social:

‘Nobody told me I was being prosecuted, and I shouldn’t because I did NOTHING wrong, but I’ve assumed for years that I was a DOJ & FBI Target to WEAPONSIVE, starting in Russia. , Russia, HOAX Russia, Mueller Report ‘No Collusion’, HOAX Impeachment, HOAX Impeachment, PERFECT Ukraine phone call, and many more SCAM & WRICH HUNTING.



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