Court sentences two men to death for stealing couple’s car at gunpoint in Delta

Two men were sentenced to death by hanging for armed robbery in Delta State.

Theophilus Nwachukwu and Christopher Okoli, allegedly robbed the Honda of a couple, Mr and Mrs Gabriel Adoghe.

The Delta 2 State Supreme Court sat on June 6, finding them guilty of kidnapping, armed robbery and illegal possession of a weapon.

The couple, went to court alleging that the defendants had robbed their cars with guns at Effurun in the Uvwie Local Government Area.

In his ruling, Judge R. Harriman said the prosecution had proven all charges against the defendants to be beyond reasonable doubt.

The complainants revealed that the defendants were out of luck when they encountered a police checkpoint in Aladja, where police arrested them with Gabriel still locked in the trunk.

During the trial, the prosecution summoned two victims and three policemen as witnesses.

The prosecutor’s adviser, Theophilus Omenuwoma, Assistant Director of the State Department of Justice, said he was satisfied with the verdict.

“The defendants were charged before the court with five counts related to conspiracy to put them in jail for seven years, kidnapping for 10 years, armed robbery that resulted in their death by hanging and possession of a weapon. Illegal possession in turn gets them 10 years in prison. “ he say.

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