Checking the facts: is Yoshi Barrigas’ illness linked to his decision to leave the chosen one?

Yoshi Barrigas Illness: Fans are eager to hear if the Chosen star is coping with his health issues following his departure from the show.

Yoshi Barrigas is a well-known actor who has been actively working in the showbiz industry for quite some time now. The actor made his debut in 2012 appearing in To the Happy Couple.

In 2015, Barrigas starred in The Big Bang Theory, which helped push him further into the spotlight. Additionally, Yoshi gained wide recognition after landing the role of Philip in The Chosen.

Besides being a talented actor, Barrigas is also a guitarist and music producer. In 2012, he also directed a short documentary titled Boundless.

Is Yoshi Barrigas’ illness linked to his decision to leave the chosen one?

Yoshi Barrigas appears to have an illness, and following his departure from The Chosen, fans are saying it could be related to his health issues.

At the time of this post, Yoshi hasn’t given his real reason for leaving the show, but he did share a post on Instagram.

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In a lengthy statement, Barrigas thanked everyone who loved him, and he also talked about the new Philip on the show and supported him.

Because of this, fans and well-wishers were sad and they couldn’t believe the news. Meanwhile, people showered him with love and also left sweet comments in the comment section.

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Yoshi Barrigas 2023 Health Update

Yoshi Barrigas appears to have been taking care of his health for a few years, and as of 2023 Barrigas’ condition may have worsened.

In a podcast named Barrigas opened up about his condition, which shocked the world. In the podcast, the actor said he had an MRI scan which showed he had three herniated discs in his upper spine and neck.

Barrigas spoke about it in 2022 and said he was in pain every day of his life. Similarly, Barrigas spoke about what the pain felt like, saying, “Imagine someone grabbing both of your traps and squeezing them as hard as you can, and that’s basically what that pain feels like.”

Likewise, Yoshi went on to say that it’s been tough lately and because of that, a lot of people may have thought that Barrigas left The Chosen One due to his medical condition.

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Why does Yoshi Barrigas leave the chosen one?

Yoshi Barrigas left the Chosen One for an undisclosed reason, but fans speculate it could be related to his health issues.

As previously reported, Yoshi has three herniated discs in his upper spine and neck, which generate unimaginable pain, and he has been dealing with it for a few years.

Not to mention that a herniated disc is a piece of the core of the disc that is pushed out of the annulus into the spinal canal via a tear or crack in the annulus. During this time, discs that become herniated are usually in an early stage of deterioration.

Additionally, Yoshi announced his departure from the show by sharing a statement on May 5, 2023.

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