Catechist caught trying to dispose of his lover’s body after she died during abortion in Benue

A catechist from the Parish of St. Martins Mbape of Adikpo parish, Kwande Local Government Area of ​​Benue State, is on the run following the death of a young girl suspected of being his mistress.

The catechist, identified as Oliver Vershima, was arrested around 7 p.m. on Sunday, June 4, 2023, while attempting to dispose of the woman’s body.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, a resident of the community, Terhemba, said the suspect, who was assigned to work in the St. Augustine, Jov Mbahura, hid the woman’s body in his room after she died while trying to abort the pregnancy.

“On questioning him, it was discovered that he (Oliver) was pregnant with the woman and they tried to abort the pregnancy but in the process the woman passed away in the early hours of the day, “ He explained.

Then the catechist hid the corpse in his room until dark so that he could take it out of the village and escape.

“Unfortunately for him, he was caught trying to get the body out of the village but then he escaped in the melee.” Terhemba added.

Terhemba said the woman’s identity has yet to be determined, adding that she comes from a neighboring community.

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State Police Command spokeswoman, SP Catherine Anene, who confirmed the incident to Punch, said that the woman’s body had been recovered and deposited at the hospital morgue.

“The body of the young girl who was said to have visited her boyfriend was found and taken to the morgue after receiving reports but the aforementioned Oliver was still not seen when he removed the body from the body. room and run away,”

PPRO said the investigation is ongoing.

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