“Being with him is a new beginning for me” – Ashabi Simple says as she gets married to Portable (Video below)

Popular actress Ashabi Simple describes the controversial singer Portable as her new beginning as they get married after welcoming a baby together.

The couple celebrated the naming of their new baby on Tuesday, June 13, 2023.

Videos from the event surfaced online as the famous couple were seen wearing traditional white outfits.

Sharing about her marriage to Portable, she said she never intended to marry an actor or singer.

She added that for her, the union is not the end of her career, but instead, she sees her marriage to Portable as a new beginning for her.

She speaks:

“I don’t intend to marry an actor or singer, but God doesn’t say it’s not the end of my journey, I can feel it’s not the end, a new beginning for me. me and happy because he is always supportive and ready to support.”

Watch her say below:

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