Vỏ Tôm Có Canxi Không? Ăn Tôm Như Thế Nào Để Hấp Thu Canxi Tốt Nhất?

Shrimp is one of the foods rich in nutritional value to help supplement Calcium and Vitamin B12. So do shrimp shells have Calcium? How to eat shrimp to absorb calcium best? Join chiaki to find the answer right here!

Shrimp is one of the dishes listed on the list of nutritious foods, rich in calcium, very good for the elderly and children. They are really easy to catch, wide variety, easy to buy and popular in most Vietnamese family meals.

Many people believe that shrimp shells contain calcium and that the calcium content of shrimp shells accounts for the most amount of the whole shrimp you eat, so many people tend to encourage relatives to try to eat the shells. But the truth is not so.

Then Do shrimp shells have calcium? Are you eating shrimp the wrong way? Join Chiaki.vn to answer questions with readers! Articles consulted by doctors Phan Thanh Dan – Health advisor at chiaki.

What is in shrimp shell?

What is in shrimp shell?

Shrimp shell contains Protein and Chitin, safe for health

According to studies, the majority of components in shrimp shells are found to be Protein and Chitin. Chitin ingredients can be a bit weird in foods to eat, but they’re proven to be bio-neutral and safe to eat. This is a form of polymer that makes up the shells of most crustaceans.

In other words, shrimp shell composition has no negative effect on health, shrimp shell can retain some minerals and add little value to health.

Shrimp shells when cooked have a rather fragrant scent, you can pound them to make a broth, adding more flavor.

This means that you can eat shrimp shells if you have a habit or hobby of eating shrimp shells, unless you have a history of shellfish allergy, you should not use it if you are allergic to shrimp. .

Is it good to eat shrimp shells?

According to studies around the structure of crustaceans, scientists have proven that shrimp shells provide health benefits such as:

  • Reduce cholesterol, limit obesity in people
  • Chitin (Chitin) found in shrimp shells helps improve high blood pressure
  • Helps prevent fat from entering the blood vessels, helping fat to be eliminated outside by the digestive tract.
  • Helps people avoid the risk of arterial or cardiovascular disease
  • Create a feeling of fullness when eating, limiting the appetite of obese people
  • Protects the liver from toxins.

In addition, in processing, shrimp shells also help protect the inside of the shrimp to be sweeter, making the shrimp meat moist and tender. However, in the preparation of boiled dishes, the shell of the shrimp can be dissolved in the broth and cause the shrimp meat to be pale and lose its flavor.

However, it should be noted that shrimp shells also cause abdominal distension, discomfort and a high probability of excreting the entire shell through feces without being completely decomposed. At the same time, consuming too much shrimp shells for a long time can cause dental damage, tooth root wear, gum damage and a number of other dental diseases. Therefore, a moderate amount should be tolerated.

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Does eating shrimp shells have calcium?

Does eating shrimp shells have calcium?

Shrimp shells do not contain calcium and are not good for the digestive system

With the wonder “Do shrimp shells contain calcium? The answer is NO, even shrimp shells accumulate many toxins, which are not good for the digestive system, hindering the food metabolism. Therefore, they are not good for the digestive system. I advise you not to eat a lot of shrimp shells in your meal.Try to cook or fry shrimp shells to make them crispy for safer and safer eating.

Trying to consume shrimp shells not only does not provide a reasonable calcium supplement for the body, when processing shrimp shells incorrectly can cause many side effects for people eating, especially in children.

Parents should also not force children to eat a lot of shrimp shells because they can make children anorexic because the shells are hard and difficult to chew. Dangerous cases can damage the soft tissues inside the child’s oral cavity, causing the baby to choke on shrimp shells or have other unnecessary problems.

How to eat shrimp to absorb calcium best?

According to Dr. Phan Thanh Dan, the most calcium content is found in the fatty and delicious shrimp meat. Shrimp meat is high in protein, containing calcium, phosphorus, fatty acids and many other related minerals. Experts encourage people to eat shrimp, shrimp legs or claws because these are the locations that contain high levels of calcium necessary for human health.

Therefore, eating shrimp is the way to maximize calcium absorption. You can process delicious fresh shrimp meat into many attractive dishes to improve the taste and quality of meals, especially for young children.

Besides, people also find the effects that shrimp meat brings such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, some diseases related to cancer or strengthening the bone and joint system.

Refer to the best types of Calcium and calcium supplements for children:

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Supplement Calcium in many different ways

Reading this far, you probably understand that shrimp shells do not contain as much calcium as you thought, it turns out that we have eaten shrimp the wrong way. For those who are having problems with calcium deficiency, in addition to adding shrimp in your daily diet, you can supplement calcium in many ways below:

1. Drink milk to supplement calcium

Until now, experts still encourage consumers to get calcium through the use of dairy products. Drinking milk is made a habit from childhood to adulthood, but this habit gradually disappears as you get older and that’s when your body gradually lacks calcium.

Up to now, the best way to supplement calcium is still the method of maintaining regular milk intake every day. In some cases, you may not be allowed to put fat in your body, so choose fat-free milk lines.

Drink milk to supplement calcium every day, even for the elderly and children

Drink milk to supplement calcium every day, even for the elderly and children

Skim milks are not only rich in calcium, but also contain 2% more calcium than other whole milk. In addition, products such as yogurt, cheese, butter or ice cream also have a certain amount of calcium. However, you need to have a reasonable mode and amount of use.

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2. Load up more green vegetables and fresh fruits

Do shrimp shells have calcium? Now that you know that shrimp shells do not contain calcium, find another solution to supplement calcium besides eating shrimp every day. We recommend that you include more green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet each day.

Green vegetables such as kale, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, turnips, beets or other green vegetables all contain rich amounts of calcium for your body.

You can even combine them with a variety of sauces or make a salad mixed with sesame seeds, beans, and cheese to increase your calcium source effectively.

With fruits, you can then eat them raw after being washed. It’s nice that fresh fruits won’t destroy their calcium content because they don’t have to be cooked, so the body will consume the best nutrient content.

To get more calcium, you need to eat a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits

To get more calcium, you need to eat a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits

You should also give preference to fruits such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits, raspberries, kiwis, jackfruits, pomegranates, prickly pears, raisins, etc. Because those are also fruits with higher calcium content. compared to other fruits.

3. Take calcium supplements

In addition to supplementing calcium from natural sources, you can use calcium supplements, especially for pregnant women – women in menopause or the elderly with osteoporosis.

For adults, the maximum calcium content is 1000mg/day. However, your body can only absorb about 500mg at a time, the remaining 500mg of calcium will be excreted by the body.

Today, calcium is prepared in many different forms that will be used more such as liquid, tablet, powder, … for easier absorption by the body and does not cause constipation.

There are a number of calcium lines such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, … you can even use them with orange or lemon juice or right after eating. This makes the amount of calcium loaded into the body achieve high results, the content is significantly more.

Do shrimp shells have calcium?  No, you should supplement calcium by taking supportive medicine

Do shrimp shells have calcium? No, you should supplement calcium by taking supportive medicine

Currently on the market there are also quite a few products using the above calcium lines, you can refer to some products of these lines below:

Experts recommend that you use it in combination with magnesium to increase calcium metabolism better. You can take magnesium in pill form and need to ask your doctor about the right dosage for your body.

However, magnesium can be supplemented from food because they are found in almonds, peanuts, cashews, yellow beans, pineapple – squash seeds, rye, millet, shrimp or sea fish, … You can supplement associated with calcium utilization.

4. Don’t eat too much animal protein

According to scientific studies, animal protein can be the cause of calcium loss in your body. Therefore, if your daily diet contains a lot of animal protein such as dishes made from red meat such as beef, pork, lamb, eggs, … then it is necessary to increase the amount of calcium from plants or complementary medicine.

Limit eating animal protein, because they interfere with calcium absorption into the body

Limit eating animal protein, because they interfere with calcium absorption into the body

5. Minimize caffeine in the body

The caffeine from coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, beer, … can be the cause of weakening bones and reduce calcium in your body. Therefore, please minimize the consumption of caffeine in as many ways as possible as soon as possible.

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Some frequently asked questions when eating shrimp

1. Do shrimp have calcium?

It’s funny that a cheap dish like shrimp contains a very high calcium content. According to the Institute of Nutrition, in 100g of dried shrimp contains up to 2000mg of calcium. Dried shrimp is a type of small sea shrimp, exploited and dried by people.

When eaten, it is sweet, soft, delicious and nutritious. You can make many different dishes.

2. Does shrimp head have calcium?

Just like the question of whether the shrimp shell has calcium, the shrimp head is also one of the places that do not contain calcium. In contrast, shrimp are omnivores, they eat insects / algae / worms / animal carcasses / plants, …

In particular, shrimp heads contain shrimp waste, which contains many heavy metals such as arsenic. Therefore, according to many recommendations from the Health, pregnant women should not eat too many shrimp heads because they can cause birth defects.

For normal people, shrimp heads should not be eaten, especially those with signs of turning black. Because they bring many risks of infection, toxins, ..

Shrimp heads do not contain calcium, on the contrary they are dangerous

Shrimp heads do not contain calcium, on the contrary they are dangerous

3. Should you eat caught shrimp or farmed shrimp?

You can eat any type of farmed or caught shrimp you want, as long as they are fresh and hygienic. Depending on the water area in which they live, they will produce delicious, firm and flavorful shrimp.

Choose healthy shrimp that are fresh and show no signs of spoiling, spoiling or being frozen for too long.

So, you already have the answer about whether shrimp shells have calcium, right? Therefore, try to eat more shrimp meat instead of shrimp shells as you have mistakenly thought. Finally, if you still have questions about calcium supplements and need more advice on the product. Don’t be afraid to ask Chiaki – buy online at:

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