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Emmie By Happy Skin face wash machine is a Vietnamese brand that is receiving many winged compliments from women. So the truth is as rumored, let’s see the review of Emmie face washer below for the answer!

Emmie face wash machine is currently very popular in the market thanks to its ability to clean the skin. However, many women are still wondering about the quality of the product, even though they have added the product to the cart, they are still confused and not ready to make a purchase decision. Understanding that, the following article Chiaki will Review Emmie face wash machine The most detailed information for you to have an overview before making a choice.

1. About Emmie face wash machine

In Vietnam, there is a brand of washing machine that is currently trusted by many women from Happy Skin, which is the Emmie machine. If you are a beauty lover, you will surely know that this is a Vietnamese brand that is quite famous and appreciated for its quality, not inferior to any other facial washing machine on the market.

This brand was founded by Beauty Blogger Emmi Hoang, with many years of experience in the field of health care, she has created facial washing machines for beauty needs, meeting the demand for quality in women’s finances in Vietnam. Right from the time this machine was launched, there was a batch that couldn’t be ordered because of its hotness, which made it all out of stock on e-commerce floors, stores or supermarkets.

Review Emmie facial cleanser of Happy Skin brand

About Happy Skin’s Emmie facial cleanser

2. Is Emmie washing machine good?

Emmie face wash machine has just been released a few years ago, so users are still quite confused as to whether this product is good or not. To evaluate a customer, the price you pay is completely worth what you will get in this machine. Here are some advantages and disadvantages that you can take a look at.

2.1. Advantage

  • The machine vibrates gently, there is no splashing of facial cleanser when using foam milk, so you will feel satisfied.
  • The level of vibration of this machine is very gentle to the skin, although smooth, the device still provides effective cleaning.
  • After each use of the Emmie face wash, when wiping the face with a cotton pad, it is no longer yellow, indicating that the machine has a good cleaning ability.
  • About a few months after using it, you can see that the skin is less oily, the pores are narrowed.
  • This machine also has the ability to push essence, serum or cream quite well to help the skin penetrate faster and better.
  • Having the ability to exfoliate the skin, when it is finished, there will be no burning or painful feeling, so there is no need to use physical exfoliation.
  • Support to effectively push acne, after a period of use, blackheads will begin to emerge, women can easily pick them up.
  • This washing machine has received many prestigious certificates such as: FDA, RoHS, CE, IPX7, so you can feel secure when using it.
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2.2. Defect

  • The Emmie face wash has a rather small design, so when holding it, it will feel lost, especially those who have that hand, it takes a few days to get used to it.
  • The machine does not clean effectively when there is a heavy makeup layer, after using it, there is still a powder left on the cheeks, so it is recommended to use a specialized makeup remover before using the device.
  • The vibration increase and decrease buttons on the side of the machine are designed close together, so many women easily press the wrong button.

3. Review the most detailed Emmie By Happy Skin facial cleanser

Through the advertising parameters given by the company when using it in reality, is it like that? Therefore, Chiaki will go into detailed reviews based on user reviews so that you can get the most overview, specifically as follows:

3.1. Design packaging

Review of Emmie face wash machine First of all, it must be mentioned that the design of the Emmie washing machine’s packaging design is quite good, the outer shell is white, square, sturdy, and full of the basic information of the machine. When holding this box in hand, it is unbelievable how beautiful it is, not inferior to any famous brand’s box designs.

The Emmie face washer is designed with a teardrop shape, about ⅔ of a hand, if you have large hands, your hand will be slightly missed, and those with small hands will fit and operate easily. . The Emmie machine will own 3 colors: purple, pink, blue, so you can choose the color according to your preferences.

As for the silicone brush, which accounts for about 90% of the front, according to Happy Skin, there will be 3677 touch points, increasing contact and cleaning better. The most impressive of this machine is also the next-generation silicone brush head that provides effective and safe cleaning without causing any damage to the skin.

Review of Emmie face washing machine about design packaging

The outer packaging design is quite cool and eye-catching

3.2. Cleaning ability

Review of Emmie face wash machine About the ability to clean is rated quite impressive, if you always wear heavy makeup, you must remove makeup before washing your face. But if you only use sunscreen on days you don’t need to remove makeup, you can wash your face directly with the machine because it also has the ability to deep clean so you can rest assured.

Besides, women often have to exfoliate 1-2 times a week, but when using this machine, there is no need for water physical exfoliants. Because during the operation of the machine, there will be gentle exfoliation, but you can rest assured that it will not thin the skin! The machine only removes the dead skin layer on the surface of the skin.

Review of Emmie face wash machine about cleaning ability

Emmie face washing machine has the ability to effectively clean

3.3. Materials and technology

Next will Review Emmie face wash machine materials and technology. In particular, the machine is made from Food Grade Liquid Silicone with more than 3677 silicone fibers capable of effectively removing dirt deep inside the pores. Combined with intelligent AI technology that remembers the user’s habits, automatically sets the usage mode for the next time without the need to choose.

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In addition, the device is also IPX7 water resistant for the ability to withstand water up to 1m deep for about 30 minutes. Therefore, users can comfortably use and clean under water without fear of affecting the engine inside.

Review of Emmie face washing machine about technology

Emmie face wash machine is integrated with many modern technologies

3.4. Vibrate

Emmie face washer will be integrated with 7 different vibration modes from strong to gentle. In which the lightest mode will generate vibrations about 21,000 times/minute and the highest mode will reach 8,000 times/minute, so you can choose suitable for your current skin condition, including the most sensitive skin. .

Those with sensitive skin should choose level 1 or 2 for gentle operation, and if the skin is healthy and wants to exfoliate, it can be increased to a stronger vibration mode. After 1 minute, the machine will automatically switch off according to the standard time when using the best washing machine. However, if you want to use it more, turn it back on.

3.5. Massage effect

On the back of the device, there will be large grooves, according to the information provided by the company, there is the ability to massage to help serums, essences, and creams penetrate faster and better. However, many sisters Review Emmie face wash machine about the massage feature does not bring high efficiency. This is also completely understandable because this is only an accompanying feature, so it cannot be highly demanding in terms of operability.

In addition, many women said that when they have a stuffy nose, they can use the massage function to move around the nose to make breathing easier, if you don’t know this feature yet, try it now!

Review of Emmie face wash machine about massage mode

Emmie face wash with massage function

3.6. Battery life

Emmie washing machine is rated for impressive battery life. If fully charged, it will take about 2.5 hours, then users can use it up to 300 times with a frequency of 2 times / week, about 1 minute each time, it can be used for 5 months before needing to recharge the next time.

However, that’s just the manufacturer’s advertisement, in fact, according to user experience, the Emmie face washer can be used for about 4 months before it has to be recharged. But if compared with other models on the market, the Happy Skin’s machine is already too impressive.

3.7. Noise level when operating

At last when Review Emmie face wash machine then it must be mentioned that the noise level and this product has done well this criterion when operating extremely smoothly, only when applied to the face, the operating sound is quite small, if you pay attention, you can hear it. This machine will not vibrate like other mechanical washing machines, so users can comfortably use it after a long day without causing discomfort. And if you use machines that keep squeaking and vibrating, just thinking about it makes you feel tired and uncomfortable, right?

4. Sister’s assessment of Emmie face wash machine

After launching the Emmie face wash machine, it has been reviewed by many famous beauty bloggers, especially receiving a lot of compliments “wingedSo users can feel secure when using it. If any of you are wondering whether to choose an Emmie face wash, please refer to the following reviews before making a choice!

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Review of Emmie face washing machine by beauty blogger Vo Ha Linh

Review of Emmie facial washing machine of war god Vo Ha Linh

Review of Trinh Pham's Emmie face wash machine

Review of Emmie machine of beauty blogger Trinh Pham

Review of Emmi facial cleanser by beauty blogger Ong Anh

Beauty blogger Ing Anh reviews Happy Skin’s Emmie machine

Review of actor Sam's Emmie face wash machine

Actor Sam praises the Emmie face wash machine

Review of Emmie facial washing machine by narcissist singer

Review of singer Thuy Tien about Emmie face washing machine

In addition, there are many Review Emmie face wash machine Of the women who have experienced and used the product, most of the feedback is to give praise to this Vietnamese Brand. Check out some of the comments on the following social forums!

Review your Emmie face wash machine

Feedback from sisters about Emmie face washer

sisters review Emmie face wash machine after use

Review of your Emmie face wash machine

5. Where can I buy a reputable and genuine Emmie washing machine?

Currently, on the market, there are many addresses providing Emmie face washing machines, so users can easily buy them anywhere. However, at this time the Emmie washing machine is quite popular and has a certain position in the market, it is inevitable that fake and poor quality products will appear. Therefore, users need to pay attention to choosing a reputable purchase address to own a good quality machine.

If any of you are still struggling and have not found a reputable place to buy, come to Chiaki – E-commerce product specializing in providing Emmi face washing machines and many other famous brands in the market such as: Foreo, Halio , Xiaomi,… Products at Chiaki are committed to 100% genuine, the most competitive price in the market, 150% refund if detecting poor quality goods.

In addition, Chiaki e-commerce products often have promotions, so users can buy genuine and cheap machines. Along with a prestigious warranty policy, attentive customer care will definitely make you have great shopping moments at Chiaki.

In the above article, Chiaki has Review Emmie face wash machine The most detailed information so that you can get the most overview before making a choice. With good quality, stable price will be a perfect skin care suggestion that women should invest and experience. If you have any comments or questions about the Emmie washing machine, you can leave a comment below.



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